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Love God, Heal Earth

by the Rev. Sally Bingham

stlynns_299Foremost religious leaders from diverse faith communities respond to the most controversial question of our time: Can we save the earth? The answer could hinge on the phenomenon of the fast-growing interfaith religious environmental movement.

Love God Heal Earth”Love God, Heal Earth is a historically important contribution. Its authors of diverse faiths recognize that protecting the planet and all of life is a transcendent responsibility – for both the scientists who study it and those of religious faith who are able to express its spiritual importance.” –E.O. Wilson, Harvard biologist and naturalist, author of The Creation: an Appeal to Save Life on Earth

“Love God, Heal Earth features some of the clearest and most compelling voices in the emerging creation care movement–a unifying and rallying point for people of faith from across diverse traditions.” –Jim Wallis, President of Sojourners, author of The Great Awakening.

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